Ceiling Insulation

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When you decide to insulate your home, as well as insulating the roof and the external walls, you will also have to insulate the floor and the ceiling for the best results. Special ceiling systems for insulation are available or otherwise you can use the same insulating material as you use on the rest of the house, the choice is yours. If you are not sure which insulating system to use or what materials you use, there are websites online that can assist. These websites show the results of reviews for the different insulation systems and materials so as to help you decide which you should use and once you have, you can also order your requirement through the same website. Choosing the correct material for your insulation is almost as important as ensuring that you install it correctly as the better insulated the house is, the sooner you will recoup the money you invested in insulating your house. As any money they spend will be recouped anyway, some home owners opt to get their insulation professionally installed but most try and save that expense by installing the insulation themselves. When insulating your house on your own, you will of course have to take careful measurements of all the areas where insulation is intended to be installed, so as to not spend more money on materials than is absolutely necessary. However, you do not want to run out of material before the house is fully insulated and so remember these places when making your estimate. Even if a house does not have an attic, any space there may be between the roof and the ceiling, will still have to be insulate. When measuring the external walls remember to include any wall that may separate the house from a garage or shed as unless those are going to be insulated as well, that wall will have to be insulated. If your house has foundation walls, sometimes those walls protrude above ground level and if they do, they will also have to be included in your estimate for material needed. Do not forget to include an estimate for insulating your basement if you have one and check to see if there are any materials especially designed for insulating basements as they may prove more effective. Where there is no basement, sometimes the builders included access tunnels, known as crawl ways , under the house and so check for any of those and insulate those as well if the house has any.

On completion of the insulation of walls, floor, ceiling, attic and basement you will want to check if your windows and external doors are very energy efficient as, if they aren’t, you may want to consider replacing them for some that are energy efficient. This will of course be an added expense but once again, with the savings you will make on your future energy bills, you will soon recoup that money also and you will find that as an added bonus, your house, being insulated, will have increased in market value.

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