Protection of Teak Furniture

Teak furniture is very popular and there are two main reasons for its popularity, the first being that it looks good and the second being that due to its own oil, teak furniture maintains it looks with only the minimum of maintenance. The best oil to preserve teak is the oil which the tree naturally produces itself and stores in its wood. The oil produced by teak trees is present in teak wood even after it has been cut as it is stored in the wood, concentrated mainly in the center of the wood in a part which is referred to as the heart of the tree. Hence the teak wood containing the most oil after being cut is the heartwood.

The older a teak tree lives, the larger amount of oil is contained in the tree’s “heart” and so although the heartwood from any teak tree is rich in oil and has more than the wood from outer areas, the heartwood from adult trees, older than 20 years, will contain more natural oil than heartwood from younger, less mature teak trees. For this reason, teak wood has been categorized into three groups, Group-A, Group-B, and Group-C. Group-A is wood which is the heartwood from a mature teak tree, one which is rich in natural oil whilst Group-B also being heartwood, is from a younger tree and so will contain the same levels of oil as a Group-A wood. Group-C indicates that the wood is not heartwood and so has, therefore, come from an outer layer of the tree and as such, will not contain as much natural oil as either the woods in Group-a or Group-B.

Additional teak oil is often added to furniture by its owner in order to hopefully help keep the furniture’s good looks but this is only effective for furniture which is indoors as adding further teak oil to furniture kept outside, may be more detrimental than beneficial to the furniture’s good looks. If a protective or sealant is used on teak furniture it may prolong the furniture’s new, golden honey color for longer and so some owners opt to add one of those when first buying their teak furniture. Other than the possible use of a sealant or teak oil when appropriate, all the maintenance needed to keep teak furniture looking good for a long period of time is soap and water is applied to it with a soft brush.

Although teak furniture made from either Group-A or Group-B teak may be more expensive than the furniture made from Grade-C wood, the extra cost should be more than compensated for by the furniture both looking better longer and also lasting longer. Most people will want their furniture to last as long as possible and so regardless of what that furniture is made of, they will want it made of the best quality material and will learn what are the best practices for keeping that particular material looking good for as long as possible.

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