Storing Make-Up

Although men may have some make-up items it is generally considered that women probably have the most and they in fact often have so many different products for their hair, skin and face that most of them will have a special container to keep all of them in for ease of finding when needed. These special containers are known as vanity cases and were first designed for carrying a woman’s make-up items when traveling but when it was seen how convenient it was when traveling to have all your personal products in just one case, the cases were bought for that purpose even if the woman had no intentions of traveling anywhere.

Although the term vanity case is still widely known, some people may now refer to them as a vanity makeup case although one may contain more than just make-up items. Some of these vanity cases are small and so can be kept on a dressing table, often beside a jewelry box whilst others can be quite large requiring to be kept on their own, perhaps next to s addressing table. Then there are the very large ones often used by actresses and perhaps even actors, which are basically their own dressing table complete with lighting and mirrors. These are mainly used when the actresses and actors are on location away from their specially provided studio dressing rooms. Some women though, may have one of these larger vanity cases for their own, home use but unlike the actress’s, which need to be mobile, these ones may not have wheels or castors.

The first vanity cases were in fact designed for men, as being somewhere to store their hair and shoe products, allowing them to have easy access to whilst traveling. These were first designed during the early Victorian days when it was only men of wealth that would travel and it was only later in the Victorian age when women started to also travel, that vanity cases started to be designed for them too. In those days as only the wealthy could afford to travel, a vanity case became somewhat of a status symbol, something only own by the well to do. With the variety of different travel bags available today however, even if someone did still use a vanity case for traveling, it would no longer stand out as being special and so no longer is any kind of status symbol and besides, today it is no longer only the wealthy that travel.

There are so many different size and types of vanity case available today that anyone wanting to buy one would have quite a choice and so may have a problem choosing the best one for their needs. For that reason, as with many other products, it is probably advisable to go online first to see all the different types which are available before even venturing to their nearest store. As vanity cases become more abundant in the bedrooms, even a wider variety of them will become available.

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