Sydney Granny Flats

As with many other places in Australia today, granny flats are becoming very popular to build. The reason for this is that an increase in the confidence of the housing market, has led to amendments in the laws concerning granny flats. At one time, it was merely a local concern as to the rules that applied to the building of granny flats but now countrywide regulations have been introduced which make the building of a granny house more appealing. Of course though, these regulations must still be adhered to in line with any local regulations applicable.

Basically now, the regulations allow for a granny house to be built on the conditions that it is built on the grounds of an already existing property, it is owned by the person that owns the main property and it does not exceed 60 square meters in size. Some minor local differences may be applicable from state to state but these are the basics and besides, you can find granny flats Sydney advice easily online.

Other regulations that apply are that it must be fully self-contained but it can be attached as well as unattached to the main property. The granny flat can be as big as 60 square meters but only provided that that does not make it larger than the primary property. In addition to the 60 square feet of the granny flat, it is allowed to have up to an additional 12 square metres of veranda or patio but must include a separate pathway.
Although many granny flats are built as detached buildings, some are built attached to a pre-existing dwelling. Although attaching a granny flat to an existing building may seem appealing, especially if you have extra space and can convert an existing room or two into one, you should consider who may be living in it as they will be in very close proximity to you plus, for an attachment to qualify as a granny flat, it must have its own individual entrance, not one that requires entering the main house first.

Some other restrictions that are placed on granny houses are that they can only be built on residential lots and the lot that one is built on must be larger than 450 square metres. This obviously is no deterrent to those houses which already have large gardens and are perhaps particularly appealing to them as, often a granny house can be made in the middle of some quite spectacular gardens, making them very attractive places to live.

Once again advice can be found on the internet regarding getting authority to start building a granny flat but basically, authority will only take about 10 days or less once you have submitted a survey plan plus architect and engineer’s drawings.

Although they may be referred to as granny flats, most people are building them in order to rent out. The advantage of this, apart from the obvious financial one, is that there may always be someone on the property which is an added security benefit.

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